Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Deal With A Friend

I apologize to my loyal followers about my absence these past few weeks, with work and dealing with the lawyers, it's all become very hectic. The holidays are coming up so hopefully it will give me some spare time to share my photography with ya'll, but until then I come to you with a pleasant little work of art. I'm sure by now you are all well aware of Gregory Cortez's "Angry Birds" stop motion animation. Check out this article if you haven't.

It has become a massive hit on Youtube and featured on Techcrunch and other tech blogs. What you may not be aware is that Gregory Cortez is actually a good friend of mine. He gave a glimpse of his creation and I was able to snap of photo of him with his pride and joy.

It's very low tech as you can see. It has already received hundreds of thousands of views online. If the video reaches 500,000 hundred thousand though, he owes me a burger.